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    	Translation Jobs for freelance translators and translation agencies
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            Top Categories
                             Diploma Translation

    Because in different countries the term “diploma” can refer to different qualifications, it is crucial that the translator has sufficient knowledge and experience in the educational systems of both source and target countries.

    Birth Certificate Translation

    In many countries, birth certificates are issued in “full” and “abstract” styles. The former is an exact copy of the original birth record, while the latter contains limited information about the child’s birth. For most legal purposes, "full" certificates are required. However, both styles of birth certificate should be translated clearly, precisely and free of error.

    Website Translation

    Whether it is for the purpose of internationalization or localization, the translator needs to have sufficient knowledge and experience in fields related to the subject matter of the website in order to adequately interpret its navigation and content.

    Book Translation

    The translator of a book should be as consistent in his or her writing style as the original author did. Not only should the translation be faithful to the meaning of the original text, but it should also appear to a native speaker of the target language to have been originally written in that language.

    Manual Translation

    Manuals should only be translated by professional translators, who have sufficient knowledge and experience in fields related to the nature and significance of the system or product.

    Letter Translation

    Although translators of official and commercial letters do not need to be certified, they at least should have sufficient knowledge and experience in fields related to the content of the letters in order to conduct proper translation.

    Adoption Document Translation

    It is recommended that adoption documents are only handled by certified translators. This is to ensure precise and clear translation over issues such as protection of the child’s identifying details, transfer of responsibilities and rights from birth parents to adoptive parents, and respect for the child’s rights and needs by the society in which he or she is to live.

    Brochure Translation

    When translating brochures, it is crucial that the translator is able to “capture” the style and tone of the writing in source language and “convey” them in the writing in target language.

    CV/Resume Translation

    Resumes do not need to be translated by certified translators. However, it is recommended that only professional translators, who have sufficient knowledge and experience in relevant fields and an excellent command of the target language, are appointed to translate resumes.


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